Based on 56 reviews
Agnes Sullivan
Agnes Sullivan
Amazing, quick and efficient.
Justin Shockley
Justin Shockley
William was absolutely the best person I could have found when needing a process server. He was professional and knowledgeable. He explained how the entire process would work in simple terms that I needed while dealing with complex issues and the legal system. His experience and professional skills helped me in my hearing. I would give 10 stars if I could. Thank you William!
Elle See
Elle See
William was terrific to work with - so pleasant on the phone, quick and efficient with service, and quick to respond to inquiries over email. It was so great to work with you, William, thank you for your assistance! Highly recommend!!
We used this service and I cannot say enough how glad we were to have found them. William is on top of it. He went above and beyond , stayed in constant communication with us gave us updates and notices each and everytime he went out to serve. We had a difficult case and he came thru, you wont be disappointed . Thank you THE BEST
Aprille Elegado
Aprille Elegado
I would like to thank William May for his professionalism and determination in making sure my stalker was served with a restraining order. I was losing sleep and going through an enormous amount of stress and he reassured me everything would be ok. He was able to serve the restraining order without any issues and I am thankful for him. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
Jeaman Choi
Jeaman Choi
Extremely professional and skilled. A++
Melanie Myers
Melanie Myers
I found the entire eviction process very stressful. But nothing more stressful than serving my tenant who I found out later had a criminal background and, I might add, a Pitt Bull. I called William and talked with him personally. When I hung up the phone, I knew that this would be handled quickly and properly. He has that kind of comforting demeanor. This was Thursday afternoon. Friday morning by 10:00am, service was complete. But even if it had not been that quick, even if it took longer, he is the consummate professional. Nothing throws him off his game. I needed his kind of quiet confidence, because I was a wreck. No doubt at all that I would recommend this man to anyone else!
Daniel Baskaran
Daniel Baskaran
Updated on 10/23/23: William, thank you for your swift processing during my recent order. You have exceeded my expectations! I really appreciate you for your help! I highly recommend William, The Los Angeles County Process Server to anyone in LA for a professional process server. Updated on 3/8/23: William, thank you for your flexibility during the recent order. Everything worked as expected. Thank you again! I highly recommend William and The Los Angeles County Process Server to anyone in LA for a professional process server. William is awesome! On top of providing me a lot of details on how it works, he went above and beyond on my expectations. I placed an order to serve papers on Friday late night by uploading the documents and providing details on his website, he was able to serve them the next morning and sent me the POS on Sunday via email. The software he uses is great, notified me when I placed the order and when he completed the serving. He completed the work on a weekend. I highly recommend William and Los Angeles County Process Server for anyone in LA for a professional process server.
Brianna Garcia
Brianna Garcia
William is very efficient and great customer service! The day I submitted him my proof of service he served the papers same day. Totally recommend, super nice guy!
Reyna Jagassar
Reyna Jagassar
William got the job done. He is very professional kind and understanding andi definitely recommend him to everyone. I'm thankful for his service.

The Best Los Angeles County Process Server.

You’ve arrived at the right place if you’re looking for a local Los Angeles County Process Server. No need to go searching for a “Processor near me”; just simply bookmark our page, and we’ll be here for future reference. 


How we operate as your Los Angeles County Process Server

We help service all of Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas. We are ensuring that when you need a Los Angeles Process Server, we’re there for you and close by. We also operate consistently six days a week through the hours of 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day. Making sure we provide you with enough flexibility so we can handle any process service that you may come across.


With that said, however, we are closed for two days of the year as well, which are Thanksgiving and Christmas. The courts are usually closed then, too, so there is no worry about having the need to service anything then. (A list of 37 Courthouses in Los Angeles County)


Just about on a weekly basis, we also service CT Corporation System in Glendale, 330 North Brand Blvd, Suite 700, Glendale CA 91203.


Our specialization

As your local Los Angeles Process Server, we focus completely on the service of process. This is the act of serving legal documents to an individual, company, or corporation. We make sure to get the documents to those that need to receive them and will provide a proof of service, affidavit of service, or affidavit of non-service – depending on the outcome.

The types of documents we typically handle to give you a sense of the type of clientele we have extensive experience with are; Small Claims Papers, Divorce Documents inclusive of Child Custody Papers, Summons, and Complaints, as well as Restraining Orders. These are the typical and common types of court documents that we serve on behalf of our clientele, but it is not strictly limited to them. Feel free to reach out and drop us a line to confirm whether we cover a process service for your specific document type and need.

Some topics to consider
Our specialization is 100% focused on process service. We don’t do any type of document filing with the local courts. Additionally, we don’t do anything in the realm of stakeouts or skip tracing at this time. Not to mention we work in situations where the process service documents are handed to key parties as necessary.

We work diligently and professionally to get your documents serviced and are also not shy when it comes to deadlines and expediting requests as necessary. We understand that we’re just one step of the entire legal journey, and we want to make sure that, at the very least, when you work with us, it’s as smooth as possible. Whenever you’re ready to get yourself an expert Los Angeles Process Server working for you, feel free to reach out to us.

We can quickly discuss what our rates are and what type of services you would need with us. We do our best to maintain a clear and transparent pricing structure for you that makes it affordable and manageable.


Here are a few types of documents we handle service for:


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